i took a trip on a train and i thought about you

happy autumn! i've spent the past 2 weekends (going on 3) out of town and have had hardly enough time to catch my breath much less contribute to this little blog of mine; however, before i head off to austin tomorrow (ACL here i come!!) i thought i'd leave a minor update.

here's a quick trip through the scattered mind of this ginger and the things that have been catching my eye:
..great little closet transformed into built-ins..

..our house is in a madmen rut and we find ourselves constantly
discussing how adorable betty draper is..

..vintage globes..

..i've been scheming up ways to refurbish a $1 headboard i bought at goodwill and
i love what this blogger did with just a pallet and old door..


When the moon hits your eye...

Whenever I think of spaghetti my mind immediately goes to an image of an infamous couple of dogs eating the same romantic little noodle...I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about. With my new favorite vegetable, the horror music that your brain automatically plays at the thought of pasta can be put on mute. Now we can have our spaghetti and eat it too!

Let me introduce you to my newest obsession:

Spaghetti Squash!

I picked this mysterious vegetable at the farmer's market last weekend and finally brought myself to make something out of it tonight. I roasted it for 45 minutes and was ecstatic when it turned into exactly what everyone said it would - strands of squash that look just like pasta! The great thing about it is that it has a pretty neutral flavor, so that makes it a good palate for all kinds of delish pasta sauce. I had a bounty of basil and onions I needed to use up, so I simmered a homemade spicy (cue the jalapeno) marinara sauce for a couple hours and put it on top of my "noodles". SO GOOD! Any and everyone who reads this must try it. I can't wait to make it again.