I need a...

Feel like I've been going nonstop for this entire month and I just want to go somewhere that's not here (Portland, anyone??) and be a bum and explore and eat good food and drink good coffee
and not work and not do school.
Is that too much to ask? Probably....dangit.
In other news, I have been enlisted to help with the dessert bar for the wedding of two of my closest friends in May (!!) so I've been going crazy looking at things like this...
This blogger does many other precious things. Like these feather cookies...
(also a bridesmaid!! - check out the fantastic dress we get to wear!)

It's my goal to learn to compartmentalize my life so I can still do
fun and spontaneous things without worrying about work and school.
Let's hope it can work!

Happy Sunday.

p.s. I have a surprise for next time...and its name is Higgins...

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