As He Pleases...

This past week has been full of learning and growth.

I have been pushed, pulled, challenged and realized how important it is to allow those things to occur instead of staying comfortable.

We have had 5 days of seminars, learning about everything from "Testimony as a Gospel Tool" to "Muslim Culture" and "Kids Training." We also each visited a different church with an OM staff member and had lunch with complete strangers (mine was a 15-member church...SUCH a change from my 3,000+ member church back home!) Every experience has put me out of my comfort zone, some more than others, and as much as the Courtney you all know would typically avoid these types of situations altogether, I'm growing increasingly grateful for squirm-inducing moments...it's quickly become my firm belief that it is the uncomfortable that produces change.

The most important thing the Lord taught me this week, however, actually has very little to do with the seminars I've been in but has shown up everywhere else and yet it still took me until lastnight for it to finally sink in...

"Our God is in the heavens;

He does all that He pleases."

-Psalm 115:3

God is sovereign over all and I am realizing how clearly that is seen in my life. Every detail of my life is because He determined it: where I was born, when I was born, the events of the past year of my life, the fact that I am here right now...all happened because. He. said.

No accidents...nothing surprised Him...all of it was His divine will.

People all around me have been telling stories of how their brothers, friends, churches, etc. were involved with OM and that was how they ended up here...it never even occurred to me amidst all of this that I'm here because my roommate gave me a book which mentioned OM's website...and that's it. That's not an understatement... that OM is involved in worldwide ministry is in fact all that I knew of this organization and something (ahem, Someone...) made me visit the website and apply for this program days later. Wow.

So what that means to me is He put me in this city with these people at this time for His purpose, not because He needs me, but because He is gracious enough to be willing to use me.

The Father has placed me, you, every individual exactly where they are at this time for a very specific purpose. So as I am learning to live in that, I would encourage you to do the same...we may not know or understand why we are where we are, but that's not what matters! Because the sovereign Creator of the Universe knows exactly what He's doing and why and that should be more than good enough reason for us to walk in trust and faith of His master plan.

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