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Hello there!

This ginger has had many adventures lately-from just down the street to a little bit farther. I'm almost completely moved into the new house! It's a cute house, but not yet a home...I keep having fitful nights of sleep imagining that either bugs are swarming it or (my personal favorite) homeless men are living underneath the house. It'll take time, but I'm enjoying it so far.
My brother and I recently took a road trip down to Atlanta to visit my sister and her husband. More pictures and details of that adventure later.

As a reward for my diligence in running lately, my lovely achilles tendonitis has flared back up (oh I missed it so!). It first showed up while I was dancing en pointe in high school and went away after a bit of time. I feel lazy since I can't run...I really hope it disappears soon. If anybody has any cures for my ailment, share the good news! I would love it.

Finally one of my favorite bloggers Elise, (the adorable author of the
pennyweight blog) has launched a vintage store online that you absolutely MUST check out! It's called Troubadour Vintage and she has been diligently seeking out the most charming vintage clothing and accessories out there so that she can provide them for us at amazing prices!
Here are some of my favorites:
Don't even get me started on these boxer-style shorts.
They're adorable! Where else will you find such charming shorts? Seeing as how I'm drawn to everything yellow lately, these yellow
wedges are right up my alley.

Despite the fact that I'm not a big fan of pink, I cannot help myself with this
precious pink and white plaid dress.

This green high-waisted skirt is chic yet daring. Love it!
Okay, so those are my favorites...for now. On that note, GO. BUY. ENJOY!

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  1. thanks for the love, my dear!! i just adore your lovely blog!