20 days of summer

10 things inspiring my happiness during my remaining days of summer...

  1. the new anthropologie and free people catalogs which arrived in my mailbox just radiating their loveliness
  2. wandering aimlessly - by foot, in my car, with friends, alone, in silence, with musical accompaniment
  3. my mom admitting to secretly disliking the song "jesus loves me" - she claims it's too repetitive! :)
  4. getting mail...in the mailbox...yes, that kind of mail.
  5. npr - little known fact: i love listening to npr!
  6. planning trips to visit my sister in atlanta - most importantly, the fact that we planned to go running; first thing we've planned that doesn't have to do with eating or shopping! this is a big step for us.
  7. early mornings
  8. the lovely sounds of French musicians Camille and Carla Bruni
  9. julie & julia - quite cute, but mostly it just made me want to go home and cook.
  10. planning & preparing for the oakland house - except moving couches in the gross humidity of august! not a fun time.

hope you all are enjoying what is left of summer!

the ginger

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