Ants in my Pants

It's been awhile since my last post...and when I think of all that has happened since December, it seems that much longer. However, I find it to be a good sign when one has no time to write about living life because they are too busy living life.
So what have I been doing as of late?
  • Reading, reading, and reading
  • Baking to my heart's content at my favorite Nashville coffee joint
  • Jumping off of cliffs...no, really...
  • Loving, loving and loving the amazing people in my life.

Another thing that has been almost annoyingly present lately are the ants in my pants that I've been battling. These silly little buggers come around without fail at least once a year. I usually can find some minor change to make that will appease them for the moment, but with this being the first year in my entire college education that I will be returning to the same school, the ants are gettin a little crazy! What to do, what to do...I often say that it's a good thing I don't follow my impulses all of the time, because my life would look nothing short of chaotic. I know that I must stay put for now...for now. My wild fantasies of travelling around the world or up-and-moving-wherever will have to remain just that...wild fantasies. I'm going to be ignoring these ants for just a bit longer, and then hopefully someday I'll have the freedom to indulge them to my crazy heart's content.

In the meantime, here are some things that have inspired me lately...

This couple has been married for five years and the wife writes a daily
letter, addressing various people/things that have impacted her day.
The best part is the 2 times she addresses her husband...they seem to enjoy
each other so much and have nailed down the aspect of love that involves
cherishing random little quirks about each other. Inspiring.

Don't even get me started...good grief. Caroline Smith & the Good Night Sleeps.
I want to be her...no, seriously, I want to be her. So talented, so precious,
and she has massive amounts of red hair (someone I can relate to!)
Way to represent the gingers!!

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