lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless.

Sounds lonely, right?
It always surprises me how afraid people are to do things on their own.
Some are understandable: eating out, shopping.
Others are slightly absurd: doctor's visits or hair appointments.

I enjoy being around people, especially those I love.

I like having company at a coffee shop or a hand to hold at the grocery store. These are all good things.
But I find that it feeds my independence in such a lovely way when I do things on my own. Being forced into this mindset may have jumpstarted it (stuck in Boro on school breaks or visiting random cities), but I have grown to cherish stopping at a coffee shop to read by myself, getting pedicures on my own, or even going to a movie without a companion (yep! I'm proud to say, I've done it). Sometimes you need to breathe, be with yourself, hear yourself think. I found this video and wanted to share it and encourage any and everyone to be alone every once in awhile. Don't be afraid of it. I'm convinced it's good for your heart.

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