"What's goin on? what's goin on"

hello my dears!

it has been too long since my last post - i've been working, applying for other jobs, learning more about chemistry than i would like - but is apparently necessary for a nutritionist - and trying to spend time with friends and family.

the only progress that has been made on the house are the electricity and water bills that have come in the mail. oh well. it'll come together soon enough...right?

the highlight of the past week was my sister's 22nd birthday. she was willing to part from her sweet husband for the day to come up from atlanta and join our family in celebrating her life so far! (i have to admit i liked shopping for her presents almost as much as i liked the celebration...not quite, but almost). after a great deal of wandering around the entire nashville area (and surrounding cities) i decided to get our new tea fanatic some loose leaf tea, and some cedar planks for grilling on (she's always making superb dinners for husband). i had way too much fun wrapping them, adding on some sweet cinnamon sticks i picked up from a garden shop while i was wandering. she's such a blessing in my life and i wish i could see her and celebrate her more often - happy birthday sis!

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  1. you are too sweet...you forgot to mention that awesome latte you charmed out of the workers at the cafe,yummm. oh and ty doesn't make me chocolate so the choice was easy haha. i can totally relate to enjoying picking out gifts for my sissy...i honestly have to restrain myself from scooping up little trinkets for you all the time.